Friday, October 19, 2012

'Little Battle'


Recently opened at SF's Loved To Death gallery was the beautiful solo exhibit, 'Little Battle' from Philly artist Paul Romano.

Paul’s work for me, has always spoken to a place I hold within myself, a shadowy place that is rife with the grief of loss. I keep this place boarded up, bound together with spit and hair, tied tightly together and kept hidden. Even to think of this place chokes me up. However, it is from this exact place that much of my own work is born. It is a battleground and I belong here. It is thick with soil laced with wounds, but it is also the place I learned how to be alive.

 In this way, much of what I feel when I see his new work is a return to this place; a tiny rowboat falls into a perilous red sea, a swan is folded into sleep or death beneath a glittering crown, a body-less hand grows a root of coral. Love is lost and then found again. 

Because of this brave act of revealing, the darkness sheds like snakeskin. We can begin again, and though this place may be a battlefield, not every battle is meant to be lost.

the fool
'The Fool'

'At Sea' (detail)

warhorse air
'War Horse: Air'



Little Battle Print

'The Victories' screen print

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