Tuesday, November 27, 2012


the wild unknown tarot

i know that the wild unknown's tarot deck has been making the rounds all over instagram etc, & i don't even own it, but from what i've seen of it as well as all of kim krans' other visual works, i expect it to be magical. since i believe tarot decks are most potent when given as gifts, i figured i'd share a link here for those of you who might not have yet stumbled upon it during your internet journeys. i received my first deck from my mother when i was young and have always been fascinated by the imagery, mystery and history of the cards ( i even sleep with this same deck in bed for protection.) i also used to have a sizable collection of other decks, but.....the move i made this spring caused many a beloved thing to go a bit wayward. sadly. 

what might not be known is that kim & her husband jonny also make terrific music under the title 'family band,' whom we were able to see play in the small chapel at the unitarian church here in philly this summer. the intimate setting made the music even more poignant & i feel lucky that i was there to witness. i'm a true fan of artistic couples who are able to merge their separate creative visions together so seamlessly . . . 


gypsie sister said...

I love them, so talented.


Kaitlyn said...

I have the tarot deck, and they're the best deck I've ever used. I finally feel as though the cards are interacting with me.