Wednesday, May 8, 2013

planchette jewel boxes.

BloodMilk Planchette Jewel Boxes

BloodMilk Planchette Jewel Boxes

BloodMilk Planchette Jewel Boxes

these incredible planchette shaped jewel boxes have secretly been in the works for quite some time and fully conjured into being by an amazing collaboration with artist Paul Romano. (we have quite a bit more collaborations up our sleeve :))

 the larger jewel box twins two signature symbols into one piece, the planchette which has long been a personal symbol of mine in my never ending quest for answers about the afterlife as well the image of a thorned and locked heart, designed by Paul, is meant to represent the goddess persephone from myth (& who I've created several pieces of jewelry based on), who was stolen by hades, king of the underworld to be his queen, making this specific box darkly romantic in nature. the heart extends into two and encases an infinity symbol while a small keyhole shape lies in its center, suggesting the everlasting nature of true love. whichever pieces or pieces of bloodmilk you choose to place inside the box for safekeeping becomes the metaphorical "keys" to this lock, nodding to the idea of jewelry being romantic in nature when given as gifts between lovers.

created by utilizing a local woodworking shop and with the help of other friends, the boxes are comprised of composite wood and carefully hand-painted to achieve the gloomy gray tones of my jewelry. highlighting the engraved lid design is mica powder, resembling a pale silver dust that adds an ethereal layer to each piece and which hints at my connection with using sterling silver as my main material in my jewel work. mica is also a special material as it has crystal properties and has been used by humans as far back as prehistoric times in cave paintings & in other ornamental objects.

each box is finished with a set piece of domed magnifying glass, making each jewel box lid a "functional" planchette for divinatory purposes when removed from the box. each of the two boxes has a deep well, making them perfect for storing multiple pieces of bloodmilk. aside from their primary purposes of being jewel boxes, their size also allows for other secrets or sacred objects to be stored inside while their unique shape and hand finishing also make them special art objects.

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in dreams said...

i've always been fascinated by year in high school i dressed as her for halloween (in the midst of my gothdom, so it was extra-weirdly colourful for me), but the meaning was lost on most of the people i spoke to. anyway, i'm really into your imagery, and i never really thought about how a myth could transform or directly influence jewellery art (other art forms are more common, i guess?)...but i'm so happy to have yet another 'personal' connection to your work. :)