Thursday, July 24, 2008

At night I've been reading Joan Didion. I'm interested in her voice;the flat yet sharp way she talks about her life and California. There have been thunderstorms here for the past two days that have lasted longer than an hour. When I was younger, I thought this meant it was time for the "monsters" to come out, like some strange call to evil. I still feel that fear lingering any time I'm alone when it storms. With the rain has come a relief from the heat. Working all day in my studio without air conditioning has been difficult, I find myself longing for fall and the scent of dry leaves, signaling Halloween. 
My show opens the day after tomorrow at Mew Gallery. I've been working hard at my paintings and now I'm taking these next couple days to work on new jewelry for the opening. I'm using all the strange and mysterious items in my 'wearable weapons' series. Everything above has a concealed pocket knife except for one vintage cigar cutter. I'll be up all night tonight toiling away under owl light.

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