Sunday, August 24, 2008

Seasonal Demons

At the cusp of seasonal change, I am always in self exile. I mourn the passing of Summer as I anxiously await Autumn. Winter is usually the hardest month for me, I am a warrior; I wear strange feathers for bravery, I weave a lock of hair into a tiny, secret braid to ward off demons. Yet they come anyway, and at times, such as now, I welcome their intrusions, the old house guests who know their way to the knife drawer. 

The above images were found on this lovely blog HERE. Which, when I stumbled upon, seemed  just right, considering my constant yearning to get back to Paris sometime soon. (fingers crossed) The images popped up when I goggled 'Seasonal Demons' and apparently belong to a Bastille display. Lovely.

'The Robbing of the Bride' by Max Ernst . For obvious reasons, if you know me personally.

From the 36 Ghosts series. Shoki, the 'Demon Queller' relieves the emperor's troubles with nightmares and sleep by purging his dreams of the demons who haunt them. 


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