Saturday, December 20, 2008

some supernatural darlings.

the hypnotist's daughter wears a feather in her hair to ward off demons. i like to write secret notes on my paintings that i usually wind up painting over. but they are still there, like cover up tattoos. the last painting i did said "i will get a real job." (haha!) i started this one tonight, so that's why she's barely visible, but she's on illustration board. i'm trying new things out for this show, including posting in progress pictures because i've always been fascinated by this when other artists show what they're up to.
this is part of my vamp hysteria. she is really close to being finished and already belongs to someone. i'll tell you who soon. its really good, i promise. her name is charlotte. when she's done she'll be my first ever blonde. 
p.s click on them for a better view.

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Leila Marvel said...

Your vampress is quite exqusite! I can def see a man falling for her and then her feasting on him. lol. I love how you did her lips and toooshhhh.