Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'grey empire'
i'm seriously hating myself for not going to see the new work by Camille Rose Garcia at the Scope art fair in NYC last week, although i did make several serious attempts. Jonathan LeVine gallery hosted the booth at the fair filled with the dark delights of the doom and gloom queen of the pop surrealist set. the booth featured a wonderful installation and large paintings and drawings featuring raven haired rock-a-billy ladies decked out in disney dresses surrounded by her skull butterfly familiars in various states of distress and agony. although known and often copied for her layered and drippy backgrounds, the new pieces show the wood grain of the panels she paints on, adding to the patterns she often overwhelms her landscapes with. the inclusion of fairy tale font in her cryptic texts add a nostalgic sense to the work, comforting the viewer although the end is near friends! the future may always look bleak to Miss Garcia but I'll always be along for the ride, no matter how far down the dark rabbit hole she takes me. to head down there yourself, check out all of the new work here.
'gloom and doom'
the flocked wallpaper shown her is available for sale! 


Leila Marvel said...

Wow that Gloom Doom painting is exquisite. Sucks you missed her show.

RIFE said...

shes one of my favorites. been a fan for awhile. thanks for the post! oh and i missed the scope fair too and totally tried to go. life happens. days pass. the good thing is we are still here and can make the next one! :)