Sunday, May 24, 2009

summer obsessing

lately i've been obsessing over owning the following oddities:
sword in the stone necklace worn by altered art artist marah johnson who taught at my mom's scrapbooking store in NY. my mom sent me this photo because she knew i'd be in love! i'm uncertain of its maker but i would give an unnecessary organ to own it.........
this handmade journal by local philly beauty the black spot books. she only uses vintage leather she finds on her many journeys. not only is she a member of the etsy cabinet of curiosities with me, she'll also be at art star craft bazaar this year too!  

true blood season one! i have daydreams of watching this at the gallery on my mini dvd player while assembling jewelry and painting. i can't wait for the new season! i torn through the last book in one day when i was laid up in bed.
i've been lusting for this book ever since i last posted about fumie sasabuchi's work. 
i posted about this digital mini rolleiflex last summer but i'm still craving it. i have visions of taking secret portraits. its also been popping up in my dreams and around the necks of the new doom and gloom ladies i've been drawing and painting.

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