Thursday, June 25, 2009

bruno dayan does ray caesar

awhile ago i stumbled upon a photo that looked very much like a ray caesar piece and never found out who the photographer was until now. i was reading the lovely blog haute macabre which featured a spread on photographer bruno dayan. mystery solved! the rest of his work features beautiful color control and (my favorite) slightly crazy and half nude women. have a peek for yourself! 
"sleeping by day" ray caesar


{Tara} said...

Batgirl! I love your jewelery, too, by the way!

Leila Marvel said...

Now I thought that composition looked familiar.

Etsy Banners are in silly goose.

danielle v. said...


. c h o k l i t . said...

I read that post on Haute Macabre, too, and had the same experience, having seen both works independently.

Couldn't really ever figure out whether one inspired the other or if there was some collaboration involved. Hmmm.