Monday, June 15, 2009

i've always loved zines and used to make blank ones when i was in grade school. i would staple printer paper together and decorate the cover with lisa frank unicorn stickers and crayoned rainbows. inside i imagined the words i could write or the images i could draw, but something about all those blank pages intimidated me as a kid. when i found out about "real" zines in high school i would trade random things with people for their photo copied collage books and vowed to make my own one day. 
pikaland  (which is a lovely site worth exploring) has started creating a series of zines called 'good to know', focused on supporting and exposing the arts community by having artists share and confess about what makes them an artist. the first issue includes secrets about creative blocks and inspirations and the second focuses on personal style. being ever so curious and somewhat voyeuristic about what tortures and motivates other artists, i was very excited about this project &  needed to share it here immediately!
you can either download a pdf file for a tiny fee of 2.50 or, if you're like me and need to have a tangible copy to collect and covet, you can order both issues from their etsy shop.  

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