Monday, July 20, 2009

lisa kellner does the body in silk

'almost perfect' (detail)
i've been lately mesmerized by these silk, bulbous sculptures by artist lisa kellner. created with a focus on the female body, these abstract sculptures represent or suggest, its skin, blood and shapes. the work appears beautiful & delicate but addresses and questions the complex issues of the female form.
"Unnoticed images of daily life continually capture my attention.  I look for evidence of imperfections that generate specific patterns of decay.  An arrangement of cat scratches, aging skin or an oil spill on the pavement becomes my starting point. Patterns of decay or imperfection are merged with repurposed materials to create work that becomes the physical manifestation of a particular human response.  A primary premise of my work is the belief that insignificant patterns of decay are in fact, rich with history and meaning.  By highlighting these defects, I propose an alternative to the modern inclination of concealing the flaws of everyday living.  My work asks the viewer to form correlations between contrasting elements and to consider the role of seemingly inconsequential patterns.  These visual topographies become my mechanism for uncovering the basic elements of identity in a world characterized by fa├žade." 
-from kellner's statement on her website.


danielle v. said...

i was just reading about this artist two weeks ago!!! if i remember right, she has a show coming up at the end of august in either brooklyn or manhattan... her pieces caught in my throat... i swear i look like that on the inside.

it reminded me of an exhibit i took calliope to at the armory in NYC... imagine being inside of lisa kellner's pieces...

thank you for sharing these daily magics... a place to kneel for a moment and pay homage...

love love


ummm....this looks like guts.