Monday, July 13, 2009

liz mcgrath's new blog at juxtapoz

i recently met the multi-talented liz mcgrath when she came through philly to play at the khyber with her amazing band miss derringer. although i'm pretty shy when it comes to speaking to people, especially people who's work has been a big inspiration to me, my friend tim o'hanlon, who is currently showing his stenciled work at 'the toothless cat' was brave enough to strike up a conversation with liz long enough for us to realize that besides being incredibly talented, she's also very approachable and really lovely in person. i gave her a special jawbone necklace that she blogged about on her new blog over at juxtapoz!!!!



That's awesome!! I love her work, her clothes, her music and that blog! Super great!! I love that necklace too, that's so cool!!

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