Thursday, August 20, 2009

the mythic qualities of hair.

as i pulled seaweed and other gelatinous sea life from my hair when i walked out of the waves, i began to think about all the mythic & seductive qualities of the female's hair. an artist friend once told me that hair was the most important thing to pay attention to while painting women, that it is the root of her femininity. and power for that matter. 


{Tara} said...

Very Victorian, right? ...the saving of hair after death. Eerie and lovely.

WingingIt said...

nice...thanks for sharing the whole hair can tell alot about a or dead...right?

heleen said...

I remember being a child (I still am, actually) and spending hours drawing hair. Pages full of tangles and ringlets of hair. I'd even tape several pages together to create the longest drawn hairdo in the world.