Friday, August 14, 2009

please be welcome.

although i was born and raised in NY until i was sweet 17, my heart mostly belongs to philly. so i'm always delighted when fellow philadelphians make it in nyc, which is exactly what's going down this saturday at fuse gallery. philly artist, space 1026 member and curator damian weinkrantz has collected some of my favorite local artists for a witty show, 'please be welcome', that will feature three different rooms of an apartment, with work respectively fitting into each nook, such as a life size refrigerator made out of paper mache and quirky acrylic paintings on vhs tapes. 
'a loose tooth' damian weinkrantz. this reminds me of the winchester mystery house in san jose. also, i love anything to do with teeth.
jake henry's bronze skateboard. jake had a show at the toothless cat last month and i had the opportunity to see this in person. it is heavy as hell.
kris chau is one of my favorite local artists and i never tire of seeing/speaking of her work.

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