Monday, September 28, 2009

allison sommers does miniature monsters



(take a peek at the fascinating progression of this piece here.)
i've long been in awe of the incredible work of allison sommers. she's on my list of artists i'd donate a phantom limb to show at the toothless cat. her work is meticulously crafted and imaginative, filled with strange beasts and red nosed humans, often in states of devouring or hoarding. they are sometimes slightly sexually charged and with a touch of danger. most of the paintings are tiny tiny, which is amazing considering how much detail she can pack into her dreamscapes. i'm also interested in how much thought she has vested in the pieces, there is often a piece of literature attached to each one. i like to imagine her wearing a headband with a giant magnifying glass attached to it, looking like a mad scientist when she's painting.


ArtAfterDark said...

These paintings are phenomenal! Thanks for featuring this artist. I will follow her work as well.

m* said...

magical work.