Monday, September 14, 2009

aya takano does the future.

lately, i've been becoming increasingly paranoid & obsessed with the end of the world. part of this has something to do with the literature i love to read & write. but mostly it has to do with the imminent threat of all the libraries in philly closing on october 2nd. this terrifies me to no end.
but what is there to do? continue reading, continue learning, continue filling your life with the things that inspire you. which leads me to aya takano. her work has a sci-fi edge, a world of night, filled with young girls on the precipice of sex; lanky girls with flushed cheeks and flat chests. i love them all.


Sue said...

Closing all the libraries? I'm speechless! Is there any organized action to help with this that you know of?

Randall Nichols said...

That cityscape behind the one girl is haunting...

{Tara} said...

These have a Yoshitomo Nara feel to them...but I think I like these even better. Very cool!

april said...

That is scary. Weird, and scary. It's really disorienting, that an entire library system could vanish.
At least there's the work of Aya Takano to sooth your nerves. It's apocalyptic, but sweet at the same time.