Wednesday, September 30, 2009

matthew coombes does grief.

today i stumbled across the interesting work of matthew coombes & his lovely 'non-therapeutic tools of grieving' project. as a further discussion of my previous entry, i find that grief (& the outward process of) as well as ugliness & disfigurement, are taboo in society. i've often heard that americans have a very unhealthy process of grieving & dealing with death; since i was born & raised here, i feel a little inadequate to agree or disagree, but could see how this might be true & how artists such as matthew may feel the urge/need to create as a discourse to this taboo.
my other interest in this work is the notion of collecting, especially in the case of the pictured tear vial. as a obsessive collector myself, i've long been interested in whether or not tears can be collected & i love the idea of this, in all of his victorian grandeur.
i also recommend taking a peek at the interview matthew did regarding grief & his works here.


danielle v. said...

yes! send me one!

Renee said...

People are only interested in your grief if it is no longer than five minutes.

Renee xoxo

Gwendala said...

I tried to capture my friends tears for a project once and it was hard, my empathy got the best of me and I realize now possibly they should have don it them selves