Monday, October 5, 2009

alex cf does supernatural hunts

edward harrell collection
vampyr hunting case
death's coffer
i love october. & halloween! although i admit i'm inspired by the macabre & supernatural on a daily basis, it's exciting to celebrate it for a whole month. which brings me to these lovely expedition / specimen cases by artist alex cf. meticously assembled, they remind me of things lifted from victorian novels; objects from my favorite dreams. they are many more on his website as well as multiple views of each case / specimen.


danielle v. said...

i want to litter my shelves with them!

Leila Marvel said...

Yes have some! i love his lycanthropy case and also the immaculate conception of maria rosenthal.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, love your blog. If you're ever in the UK, check out this:

{Tara} said...

Oh, these are the kinds of things I dream about: dusty old secret boxes filled with creepy, rare treasures!! So amazing!

Scheharazade said...

Absolutely perfect !