Friday, November 13, 2009

mothers & daughters

my mom, who is pictured on the left, owns a very successful scrap booking store out in new york where i'm from. i owe a lot to my mom, she's always encouraged my creative goals in more ways than one and she is a constant reminder that i can make anything happen if i work hard. her store, scrapper's playground recently started a blog where she makes video tutorials and posts about her latest projects. i'm also very excited that her shop was recently featured in the local newspaper. while traditional scrap booking may not be for every one, i've found lots of products at her shop that i've incorporated into my work, such as the paper i use in my paintings & the inks and dyes i use to make my price tags for bloodmilk. i'll even be teaching a writing class there next month!
my grandmother, also pictured on the left with an advent box she designed, (which was featured here) works at the shop with my mom and has been a creative person her entire life. i remember when i was younger she used to have a kiln her basement where she would fire ceramics and teach painting classes. while this is the month to be thankful; i just wanted to take a moment from my normal posts to be thankful for the creative, supportive and talented women in my family who have taught me a lot about how to be my own person.


amy said...

Sweetness. I love this post.

danielle v. said...

oh. i love it. kisses for all!

Elaine said...

I love Scrapper's Playground! What a wonderful tribute to two amazing women. I am sure they are thankful they have YOU in their lives.

{Tara} said...

It must be so wonderful to have an amazing, smart, talented female role model like your mother!