Sunday, January 10, 2010

odds and ends.

the lovely alana sent over these amazing pictures from across the sea of the custom blood milk piece she won in the last giveaway!

the start of a new year always fills me with an odd sense of dread and excitement, as if i get a new chance at righting all the mess ups of the previous year. this year we have a ton of amazing shows booked at the toothless cat gallery which i'm really thrilled about & i have 3 ! solo shows booked as well........i also hope to be working more on my novella/ book of short stories which i started in grad school ever so long ago.

3 solo shows:
'catholica melancholia' portraits of the eternal virgin & the warrior st. joan of arc at topstitch.
'planchette' divinatory collaborations with writer danielle vogel at amberella gallery.
part time studios / theme still to be decided.

i will be writing a bit more for fecal face this year too, please look for my chris berens review to be up this week. currently i have my first interview ever with director erich wiess about his first film, hori smoku sailor jerry.

& lastly, i've already begun to work on new jewelry that i will begin listing in my shop in the middle of the week. if you have any ideas for a custom piece such as the one posted above send me a love note and we can work on one together.

what are you all dreaming up this new year?


danielle v. said...

you are so amazing, milk!

i'm dreaming of the color red and the color white. albino desirings. what happens when you are emptied of everything? how to re-collect your self?

what is a narrative of rupture? what does this look/sound/taste like?

i'm dreaming of becoming the most possible vessel for the things i create.

i'm dreaming of loving myself.

i'm dreaming of becoming unhooped.

missing you....



Congratulations woman!! That's great!! I wish you all the best in preparing and completing the works!!


Anonymous said...

A great and generous giveaway gift!...sounds like your year is already off to a great start.Hopefully i shall have my first show this year.

AUNIA KAHN said...

I really enjoyed this!