Sunday, February 21, 2010

mark ryden does meat.

i just stumbled upon this new mark ryden painting! he's having a show, 'the gay 90's: an olde tyme art show' at paul kasmin gallery in nyc which is thrilling to me because it means i'll actually be able to see an entire body of work of his in person for the first time! the work seems to be somewhat of a throw back to his glorious "meat" days, which has some of my favorite pieces.


Unknown said...

pardon pour le francais et bravo pour votre blog,je mis balade reguliérement.a bientot

bloodmilk. said...

merci pour votre compliment thomas!

bravegrrl said...

sooooooooo jealous


Unknown said...

I loooove Mark Ryden! I may just have to make a trip down for his show... it will be the first time I've ever seen his work. Amazing.