Monday, April 12, 2010

bloodmilk fauna.

i've been turning my full attention to the two amazing outdoor handmade events i'll be vending at this summer. lately, i've been working very closely with a master jeweler at creating molds of some specimens that have been in my collection, as well as new pieces of fauna i've been gathering for the new line of cast fauna that i'll have completed for the art star craft bazaar , this may 15 & 16. i recently found this replica screech owl skull and am in awe of it's incredible detail and beauty. it's headed towards a new life as a huge cocktail ring. it will also be woven into neck adornments and anything else i can dream up. secondly is the amazing bumble bee. it must have flown into my room and passed away, having landed near my writing desk in this exact state. two years ago i had a strange occurrence happen with a bird around the same time and i can't but help take this as an omen that i'm working towards & moving along the right path. look for these pieces in my etsy shop over the next few weeks!


danielle v. said...

in love

peggy said...

definitely take that bumble bee as an omen, it's a symbol of accomplishing the impossible, fertility, the promise of fulfillment if you persue your dreams, stuff like that, stuff that will be very relevant to what you're doing.
animals are funny like that, little messengers, popping up when you most need them.

hopefully one day i could acquire one of your beautiful necklaces, i really love them.
and congrats on your show too, your new work looks fantastic!

bloodmilk. said...

thank you for the insight and kind words peggy! i very much love your work as well.