Wednesday, April 21, 2010


lately i've been noticing the fragility of things in all aspects of my life. birth and death seem to go in a circle and so does everything else; the flowering tree in front of our row home is shedding, tiny pink petals cover the sidewalk like a carpet. the tiny of fist of my newborn nephew, the skulls & claws i've been molding, the water over ashes that spread like ink. life in the spring is up & down and i'm grateful and heavy with dreams & new ideas.
which brings me to scott campbell, who takes a traditional tattoo style and blends it with unexpected mediums to create really amazing objects. this graphite drawing within an eggshell really surprised me and seemed to fit right in to all that i've been stewing on.
he has a show up at oh-wow in nyc right now, hopefully i'll be able to get in to see it before it comes down next friday.

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. c h o k l i t . said...

gorgeous! that must be a real eggshell? I love it.