Thursday, April 1, 2010

'she thinks she can warn the stars': sneak peek

" i have a black look i do not
like. it is a mask i try on."
-anne sexton

this is my favorite painting from my show that opens tomorrow. lately i've become obsessed with foxes, as i've shared here. i've cast a perfect fox tooth and a perfect fox claw for jewelry making and now i've made this raven haired lady with a fox mask. my intention was that she has an eye in her palm, kind of like an all seeing eye, telling fortunes or stories, or all the dark whispers of the cosmos. but since you can't see it, it's just my little secret threaded in.
i made prints of this too and will re-open a print shop on etsy soon.


bravegrrl said...


can't wait to see more of your prints.

i have a little color pencil drawing on my blog that you might like :)


Lady Grinning Soul said...


So Good for Bunnies said...

Love this! Good luck on the show!


oh wow! I love this one! :)

Rachel Gold. said...

gorgeous new stuff, J!

please put those prints up for sale soon- I keep missing my chance to pick one up...

<3 from Hollywoodland