Thursday, June 3, 2010

the dividing.

photos by: lissy elle

when you are so close to your work, it's sometimes hard to separate your critical mind from the one going a mile per second, & sometimes happy accidents occur, new thought patterns arise. i'm thisclose to my jewels these days & the new thoughts are centered around WHY i'm making them, what inner functions they have opposed to their outer aesthetics. i've been meaning to re-write my profile on etsy and as soon as this weekend is over i will do so. for now, i've been thinking of proximity. how close one image is to the other & what it can do for a composition, the emotional reaction of it's viewer. objective chance: how images or objects can seem unrelated, but are secretly related. the joining of images can have a subtle reaction, or a real convulsiveness. ( for example, what does the addition of blood do to you in the first photo? compared to it's absence in the second?) it is this idea that i'm most interested in right now while playing with the forms of my jewels. the dividing and joining. which leads me to these images of severed limbs in the forest. they are connected to the darkness of fairytales & yet with the missing wolf they create a new image, somewhat disjointed from their original inspiration. a new life from an old story, which is another incarnation of exactly what i'm doing in my work.

i was also attracted to these images because i've had a big thing for severed limbs in general, which all stemmed from marci washington. also, my hands feel like they are going to fall off.
PS this week is the 2 year anniversary of bloodmilk.(!!!) i usually celebrate with a giveaway, but this has been postponed until the week of june 11 where it will be hosted on one of the most fantastic sites. details soon!


danielle v. said...

oh i love this artist!

2 years! wow, miss milk! and i love these posts about process and the insides of things... more, please...


Stephanie said...

lovely blog :) i love the first photo. it's beautiful but devastating at the same time.