Thursday, June 10, 2010


yesterday i had the good fortune of rounding up 2 talented and gorgeous friends to help with phase i of what will ultimately be an ongoing project; making a look book. the intelligent and lovely christina brown is a talented photographer with a great eye and smart approach. i'm literally foaming at the mouth in anticipation of what she'll do with the 500+ photos she took of lindsay yesterday. thanks again ladies!

this project comes into eclipse with my wanting to elevate my commitment to bloodmilk, which has hopefully been evident over the last few months. it's my desire to continue to create wearable pieces and to add new, bolder, editorial pieces into my work that are equally as wearable but edging a bit more on the absurdly marvelous. this project will be ongoing over a long period of time and will hopefully include other models and photographers, as i've recently had the opportunity to meet lovely new people at the renegade craft fair, such as the talented jeremy dyer.
also, as promised, i just re-wrote my etsy profile, which outlines the philosophies, obsessions and beliefs that serve as a backdrop to bloodmilk and all of my work. take a peek here.
ps thanks to all of you who have been commenting on the post below. please do so if you haven't yet.......
pps. those are margaux kent's from the black spot books lovely photographs in the background of the first photo. you can find prints of them in her shoppe.

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Leila Marvel said...

I'm so excited for you! Love Christiana's cyanotypes. My mouth is watering to see what beauty comes and success brings!