Saturday, June 26, 2010

the endless love letter.... .. . .. . ...

absentia is the one word i couldn't live without. which coincidentally is also part of the title of a brother's quay film, 'in-absentia' which was the inspiration for photographer christina brown's approach of shooting my work on the lovely lindsay for phase 1 of my look book. the film was based on the strange obsession of a woman in an asylum to write love letters to a man who never visits. here's both a clip of the film & a peek at some of the photos:

absentia. victorian watch ring // coming soon
twin heart earrings. // coming soon.


NAOMI said...

Oh, I love the pictures for your look book! I also really like the fact that you decided to go for black and white. Beautiful pieces, beautiful lady, beautiful shots. I also really dig the finger close ups of the short clip. Amazing. Makes me want to go work on jewelry and dig out my SLR! Can't wait to see the whole look book! xx

danielle v. said...

i LOVE in absentia!

& that owl ring. oh howl... how i wish it was mine!

happy partial lunar eclipse on the full moon! xx, your fae

L.S.D. (Little Sister Designs) said...

Beautiful Photos. Absolutely stunning.