Monday, July 5, 2010

when you see me again it won't be me.

lately i've been feverish & on edge. i'm moving things around, from one room to another, from one physical plane to the next, trying to set up and really dig into planchette which opens august 14th for all of you who are in philly or who might be visting. more details on this soon.
what the essence of this right now is, crossing merdians & celestial bodies and hoping to come out whole on the other side.
the doppelgänger is a notion i've always been interested in. i'm working on a line of rings that illuminate this and also, in a way, these new paintings are a kind of conversation about this too, a kind of exploration of the feeling of another person present in your extrapersonal space. of course what i'm outling here isn't the 'evil twin' but the unconsious that can also be reached via a planchette. more on this soon too.
as for now, i've been dreaming of both a twin heart and the circus, and a way in which to set up my new space.

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rachael said...

love this little collection...this is a very twin peaks summer here in pa! hot and odd. i've used old planchettes with little windows as to find them amongst junk at the flea market. sounds like a lovely theme for a show...good luck and hope it all comes together for you :)