Sunday, August 29, 2010

beneath the bell jar. . . .or lily dale pt. ii.

whilst in lily dale, i met privately with a medium. over the last 2 years i've had several significant losses. everyone loses to death!
but in lily dale, no one dies.
there is no dead and no death.
when i first heard the above words, i too was skeptical. but these words are the foundations of an entire faith, and other religions are based on equally dismaying claims, so why not go check it out? it's beautiful in upstate new york & lily dale is a lakeside community & it's the summer, why not? even the 9 hour car ride was filled with short stops to places filled with treasures. ( a goat farm that sold the most amazing honey lavender challah bread, an ice cream shop that had a giant ring....)
despite all this, i truly went to lily dale for messages from the beyond, to know that my loved ones who passed were all right and still thinking well of me. but i didn't get any, not one. a complete blank. but, i did receive the most comforting answer to a question that's darkly haunted me these two years; what happens when you die?
well, as i mentioned, in lily dale, or in the spiritualist tradition in general, no one dies. they simply move on to the spirit world where they continue to learn and grow & communicate. as my medium told me when i asked, 'at the moment of death one of our spirit guides takes us by the hand before our last breath to a giant dome, where inside, our families and loved ones are gathered. it is within this bell jar, a place where we are loved and protected, that we review our lives. we see the books we have written and those we are written in.'


Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Such a beautiful post. And such a beautiful answer from the medium, i also think this about after you're dead.
One day i'll know for sure i suppose.

Sweet greetz for you!

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Oh and thank you for the lonk of Polly Morgan. Her work is awesome.

lolo dahling said...

Such beautiful sentiments...P.S. I also LOVE Polly Morgan's work!!xo

bloodmilk. said...

thanks ladies. xoxo