Sunday, August 22, 2010

the quest for the marvelous:


surrealism means a great deal to me & if i could, i would teleport to paris in 1929 to be among it's participants in my favorite of places. it's fantastical yet absurd ideas//philosophies//life styles//literature & art seem braided within my very veins. so i love it when i stumble upon a piece of surrealism i haven't seen before such as this glove by Méret Oppenheim who is probably most recognized for her fur covered tea cup & saucer, one of the most famous surrealist 'objects'. this glove makes me think of the surrealist myth of Gradiva. Gradiva is the unrealized ideal woman, the phantom, the woman who can walk through walls. she recognizes the male's desire to see through her 'real self' and plays her role accordingly, helping lift the veil so that the man can overcome his break from reality. in a way she is a lucid dream, leaving a glass shoe on the stair or a veined glove behind.
further reading on Gradiva here.
as for my own break from reality/quest for the marvelous, i have much to share this week to make up for my lack of posting.


Anonymous said...

ack! It's beautiful!

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

i love the glove especially since i am mildly obsessed with inner worlds nd everything that takes places beneath the surface.

i had never heard of the story of gradiva, but what an interesting article..

Aubrey Mayne said...

those gloves are

DM said...

I'm with you on's my greatest woah in life.