Monday, August 9, 2010

teenage wasteland.

yesterday was the official reading of the 'weetzie bat' screenplay in california. like many of you i imagine, the weetzie bat books by francesca lia block made a major impact on my teenage life. these photos come from wildfox and are based on the weetzie bat books. take a peek at the rest!


MAB from OtterCatHaus said...

Oh, I loved those books as well. And I watched Summer of Sam over the weekend, and Baba O'Reilly is all over that movie.

Randall Nichols said...

These are wonderful. Thank you for the link!

Zev said...

Now that I've actually moved to L.A. as an adult, I can't help but think of those books, and what an impact they had on me as a young woman. Thanks for posting this set.

kendal croix. said...

this is wonderful.