Tuesday, September 21, 2010

to live inside me:


lately, i've been obsessed with the ideas of life / death & the afterlife. our remains, what we leave behind, how we survive, and most importantly, how to be present today, here, now. when i stumbled across the work of min jeong so, I felt instantly repelled & fascinated. the heads of the roses are immersed in fluid within medical IV bags while their stems & leaves are dried. this sort of half life resonates with me, a kind of prolonged beauty that exists briefly before it's fragile life dries up. the ceramic bird casts were created by coating found dead birds with layers of ceramic. once fired in a kiln, the natural bodies of the birds burn away, leaving a kind of death mask or tomb shroud. equally as mesmerizing. lastly are the bloody glass slippers: who can resist dark twists on olde tales? all of these objects appear to be dark vessels of beauty, love & death, all created with the skilled hand of an enchantress.


Miss M said...

intrigued by the bloody slippers... if i remember right, in the original cinderella story, one of her step sisters cut off her toe to fit in the shoe and the other sister cut off her heel...
Miss M

danielle v. said...

oh my! these are amazing! the birds especially. and the roses caught my lungs! wow! xox

lolo dahling said...

These are beautiful!!

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