Thursday, October 7, 2010



tumblr of the week:  the doppleganger  has been a favorite tumblr of mine for a while.

magical realism:  the girl with the glass feet is the book i'm currently reading. so far it's been filled with odd bits of magic (tiny moth winged cows & a girl slowly turning into glass.) 

terrarium displays: i love the way elsie uses vintage photos to create an unique display.

the wickedest man in the world: aleister crowley rice recipe

a mini dose: a sweet poem by brent michael canle. 

national listening day: record conversations & interviews and upload them here for national listening day, november 26!

i am?: are you following the iamamiwhoami videos? any thoughts on their new website?

* image conjured on tumblr.

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Lauren said...

Thank you for the tumblelog mention. Yours is one of my favorites, too!