Thursday, October 14, 2010



these days my hands feel separated from my body and pinned under glass. anyway, here's my weekly list of lovely curious things:

margaux kent from the black spot books has just released a new series of prints from her most recent show 'there is a great deal i do not need to know' tiny fires is my favorite, but they are all as equally eerie and stunning. 

 reinventing alice: the new sneak peek of marilyn manson's film 'phantasmagoria' is enticing.

childhood nostalgia: this dollhouse is perfect. i love the beetlejuice striped wallpaper!

l'esprit de escalier is one of my favorite phrases in french and has a meaning that takes a whole sentence to describe in english. take a peek here for it's meaning as well as 10 other words in other languages that aren't found in english. 

tumblr of the week: the dictionary of obscure sorrows gives words to feelings and other strange phrases such as the 'wistful foreboding feeling at the first sides of autumn.' 

curating: i made a couple of treasuries on etsy featuring items from my own wishlist as well as items from my favorite etsy sellers. take a peek at 'experiments in the field' and 'the neitherworld.'


Leila Marvel said...

Oh my that film looks truly chilling.

Dianne said...

I love those treasuries. I just got really excited about the old Agfa camera then realised I have one exactly the same, bonus. Now I'm obsessing over bookplates. Fantastic! xx

Steve Cleff said...

I suffer from, and use the phrase l'esprit de escalier frequently. It's nice to know a friend who uses it too.