Monday, October 4, 2010

"my search in the black foam & fog of my psyche . . ."


ellen rogers has a new website & i've fallen madly, obsessively in love with it. her photos have an otherworldly, dreamlike quality, as if a thick milk fog has flooded the passage way between our world and the neitherworld & miss rogers has conjured the images of the women who inhabit this shadow, undefined space. her work has been a great inspiration to all facets of my work & secretly..... i would love to see bloodmilk photographed in this analog (digital free!), empheral style. . . . .
*title quote was found here:


EricPiper said...

love your blog and your tumblr amazing stuff! Keep it up ^^

annie stephens said...

ellen is a dear heart and a mage, i love her new site, too.

and you, i am saucer-eyed peeking at your blog, there is so much wonder and treasures, not to mention your work! you're a true artist.