Friday, November 19, 2010

where the self lives.

as a continuation of my last post, i'm still waist deep in psychological texts and i've been having nightmares. i find that i keep most parts of my personal, sacred, inner self shrouded, turning away from any reveals. but this isn't always the case. i sleep with a pack of small tarot cards conjured from bolinas, near the sea to soothe my night thoughts. i worry i've said too much.
there's something about these haunting and yet dreamy photographs by french artist aëla labbé that i feel connected to in my current state of unbalance and unrest.


Emme Toaye said...

Love the darkness in the artwork, those hand and arm contortions are crazy cool! And the nightmares, Man I hate those. If you are taking any vitamins with B6 make sure you don't take them before bed they make my dreams and nightmares worse. Lucid Dreaming techniques help with my nightmares because sometimes it gives me more control of the characters in the dream. Good luck, and maybe a little piece of amethyst near your bed would help too.

Anonymous said...

See the following link; this may help:

Also consider placing amethyst and citrine stones underneath your pillow prior to slumber; make sure to cleanse and charge them the following day.

Leila Marvel said...

I know the feeling, a week or so ago was having nightmares and the feeling of uneasiness. For a while I thought there was something supernatural touching my bed covers. Nothing lately though.

Funny you post these pictures, the 2nd one is really interesting because there is something intriguing about hiding the eyes from the world, I've been experimenting painting drapes over the face lately.

Monica said...

adore these. just my sort of thing. it represents the unsettling nature of nightmares well.