Sunday, December 26, 2010

child of woe.


beside lydia deetz, wednesday addams was my childhood inspiration, and while most of the adults around me assumed i'd "grow" out of it, the slightly odd mindset has stuck like cement. i love this photo 'bittersweet' by UK photographer ozlem haluk, as it reminds me of an older version of her. i've been attracted to lace collars and white cuffs with a morbid twist . . . .

"child of woe is wane and delicate...sensitive and on the quiet side, she loves the picnics and outings to the underground caverns...a solemn child, prim in dress and, on the whole, pretty lost...secretive and imaginitive, poetic, seems underprivileged and given to occasional tantrums...has six toes on one foot..."
-charles addams.

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Anonymous said...

this pic is perfect.