Thursday, December 9, 2010

suite of swords.


i find that i live in the shadow area of spirituality. still, since the death of my father nearly 2 & 1/2 years ago I've have strange and conflicting thoughts regarding death that i've tried to exersize by travelling to lily dale and composing an entire show, 'darker, my love' around these troubling conflictions. while i'm inspired in some way by most religions as evident in my jewelry work, i don't feel attached to a particualr school of thought but seem to cull bits from each into my own blend. however, what i have found to be the most soothing spiritual tool has been my deck of tarot cards which i recieved as a gift from my beloved mother as a teenager.  i never read for anyone else, only myself, as a means of spiritual growth and comfort. for me, the 8 of swords is the most personal card as it's represented me for as long as i can remember.
 in the card the raven haired figure is bound at the arms and blindfolded. she's almost fully encircled within a crescent of swords. however troubling this image seems, however captive she appears, she still has the ability to escape as her feet aren't bound. mostly this is how i feel, pressed upon but still with the tools to break free of emotional bonds. it's a card meant for growth, for escape and for awareness.
these reasons are how the new 8 of swords necklace came into being. i've been toying around with this idea for awhile now with my pocket knife 8 of swords necklace but i'm happy to have this offering of it as well, with the visual of the sacred heart combined with a tarot meaning. again, a nod at my mixing of religious symbols.

i'm also enamored with the enitre suite of swords both for their striking visual appeal and for their spiriutal meanings. i recently stumbed upon these images of a photographed tarot deck by bea nettles called the mountain dream deck which is available for purchase here and is stunning.


audra said...

such a beautiful piece too!!!!

Luzmaría Alam said...

Very cool story behind the necklace :) and that photo session looks cool!
take care

Parisa said...

very nice story - thanks for sharing!
xo p

Holda Hexen said...

You are not alone in your obsession and fascination in the 8 of swords dear, i have that image tattooed on my arm. Its a beautiful mysterious picture that in my eyes, represents the suffering of souls. Whether that be of physical pain, love, it doesnt matter. She is beautiful in her solemn pose.