Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ghosts & gators.


once upon a time i was a little girl who loved to spin tall tales. i wrote & wrote and landed myself in a mfa program in nyc. there, i discovered speculative fiction & found the missing puzzle piece that joined all of my obsessions into one neat little title. although work on my novella has been stalled since graduating by diversions of jewels and art reviews, fiction writing will always be my first and true love, something that i hope to start pounding away on with more fervor soon. oddly, a friend of mine recently visited a psychic and this psychic mentioned that i was a writer and working on a book about her. this seems to have come as a sign as my novella is based on our childhood together & when the supernatural world tells you to write, you listen.

anyway, karen russell was in a similar mfa program at columbia, so close to mine, and at the same time, that i've felt an odd kinship with her and have followed her work. her first book of speculative stories, 'st. lucy's home for girls raised by wolves' is one of my favorite contemporary books in the genre, & her new novel, 'swamplandia!' is currently on it's way to me now. there is a certain kind of strange envy i feel; happy that books like these are written and well received & the sneaky feeling that i've somehow abandoned my calling . . . 



peggy said...

I loved her last book! I'm so excited to see she's got another one on the way... and she always has the best covers too!

Anonymous said...

I love her work, just finished reading St. Lucy's, all her work fills me with overwhelming nostalgia