Sunday, February 6, 2011

special V day giveaway!


i'm giving away a brass 'of a thousand sorrows' sacred heart necklace *OR* a 40$ coupon code to my bloodmilk shoppe in honor of V-day!

 to enter, just leave a comment to this post with a word or two about something you are passionate about or interested in. ex: besides being passionate about my family & friends, i've also been lately interested in reading more and learning more wax carving skills.

the give-a-way runs until feb 13, with the winner announced on v-day. could be a great gift for a lover or friend, or yourself!

*EDIT*: thanks for the overwhelmingly intriguing responses already! please feel free to leave links to your own work or links to sites you're inspired by. this is amazing! thank you. xoxo


Meagan said...

Hi! I've been following for awhile via Google Reader but never commented before.

One thing I'm really passionate about is painting. Right now I'm about a year away from completing my Bachelor's in fine art. I do mostly figurative paintings in oil, usually women in some kind of surreal/spiritual situation.

Another passion of mine is the support of religious tolerance. There's a photo going around the internet now of Egyptian Christians forming a human wall to protect praying Muslims. That photo brought tears to my eyes...

jraff said...


I'm passionate about visual arts in general, and specifically about tattooing, which I hope to be able to do professionally one day; I think that it's a medium with lots of unexploited potential, that fortunately more and more artists are trying to explore.

Naomi P. said...

I'm passionate about taxidermy and kitsch.

kate s. said...

something i'm passionate about is traveling. i love the new experiences and the stories i get to tell.

Edith said...

I am literally at this moment about to try my hand at sewing and I could say I'm passionate about that. I never have wanted to try a craft more. I'm also passionate about trying to eat raw. Holistic living if you will. After all loving the world starts with loving yourself first. I could keep going on but I don't think I would be able to stop!

mirry said...

Recently I've been very passionate about improving my life-- getting back into the things I used to enjoy (like making art and photography) and making good changes (like eating healthier and exercising more). I'm all about change this year, and being positive.

Nicolette said...

I'm passionate about the fine arts, specifically jewelry/metalsmithing, and most recently, about using my works to address issues dealing with mortality, and society's fear of aging.

allison cecil said...

Lately I'm passionate about spending more time with my family and friends. I have really made it a priority because for many years it wasn't.

What a great post and I love reading what everyone is passionate about! It is infectious.

Nightshade said...

I am passionate about various forms of artistic expression; to me it is the meaning of my life. I really love music and try my best to contribute to it either through designing for musicians, photography, illustration, etc. I would love to release some of my own some day soon.

Elyse said...

I'm passionate about reading, playing and listening music. I love reading and right now I am reading three books (that are not for school). I play the piano and violin and have for many years. I listen to music all the time. There is literally a soundtrack in my head continuously playing and I love it!

Alicia Cole said...

Lately, I've been passionate about art objects and the finer points of decorating.

I'm also passionate about the everyday sacred.

Miss M said...

right now im passionate about starting a local arts & crafts market, i would love for my artistic friends and i to be able to sell locally and get more exposure for our work and encourage other people to shop handmade.

+Miss M+

Anonymous said...

I'm passionate about science and art, especially anatomical illustration. Anything macabre interests and inspires me. I'm in graduate school and I'm pretty passionate about my research, too which involves hominid skulls and rapid prototyping. I'm also pretty obsessed with taxidermy. I've made a few headpieces from birds and tried to make jewelry with their feet, but I don't really know enough about jewelry making yet.

Unknown said...

I would echo "k's" statement. In addition, I am passionate about animal rescue. So many animals are left overseas because their military family can't or won't take them with them when they leave. These "family members" deserve a loving family willing to re-home and love them.

Alayna said...

My passion is performing opera. Performing, not just singing, because performing well involves understanding many languages, music theory, cultures, art and political history, and evoking an audience's emotions. My passion, like all others, demands devotion of me and compels me. I know it is stronger that I am, and I am grateful.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Evie said...

I am incredibly passionate about living a vegan lifestyle and becoming a nurse so I can help people on a daily basis. These two things have made me happier and self-confident.

I am also passionate about fashion, interior design, and other forms of art.

Raven said...

I didn’t ask
for your soul
nor your life
I took all I wanted;
silencing you with desire
your scarred fingers
held fast against the wall
Riesling blessed lips
tasted, devoured-
as my hands bruised
your beautiful wrists
against course red bricks,
and concrete
painted dark with rain, night,
and cruelty.

You pleaded,
not for release:
but binding
for red mornings
and Home
I listened as you prayed
begged, and raged
to your Gods
and mine
begging not for comfort,
but for Pain-
for soft lips
sharp teeth
and the promise
of palms dusted with salt
to caress the open wounds
of your tattered psyche for me
It was my pleasure
to oblige you

I am passionate about poetry, lovers, and dreams- darling.

bravegrrl said...

i am obsessed with reworking thrifted and old garments... i am always thinking of new ways and designs... sometimes a print on an old garment inspires me to make something i might have never thought of before :)

Darla said...

I'm passionate about animals...alive, dead, art or taxidermy versions are all acceptable. I'm also passionate about making things...these images that pop into my head...I'm also passionate about finding out what these images mean and how they relate to my life and the lives of others.
And with an impending 30th birthday, I am currently very passionate about getting my shit together in all random areas of my life...!

liisa said...

Hi lovaliscious this blog...I am passionate about writing stories.I create these magical stories for anamorphic style art!Also i am very passionate about helping ferral Cats I am affiliated with an organization who helps FerralCats we spay and neuter and Socialize them so we are able to find kitties a home! I can not tell you how many kitties came home with i have 3that were ferral and turned out to be very special so this cause is very dear to my heart.

Miss Dolly said...

I am passionate about helping others and crafting :3.

Sariska said...

Hi J,

I'm passionate about scuba diving. The underwater world, the marine life, the colours, the ebb and flow of the tide. The quiet of the underwater world, with the sound of my breath being the predominant sound. Ive become passionate about the state of the world's oceans - it's my number one cause to champion. And diving leads to exotic places, new friendships, life altering experiences. Given that we humans initially crawled from the ocean to live on land so many millions of years ago, I suppose I like the feeling of returning home.

Christal said...

your jewelry is simply amazing.

i'm extremely passionate about writing and visions. sometimes the pictures in my head are more beautiful than anything else i could've written. so i sit with my eyes closed, trying to think of words to suit the pictures. i wish i had the skill to paint them...

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

I am passionate about a lot of things, but I would say at the top of the list are books, tea, travel, animals, and anything that is a bit strange and beautiful (which is why I love your blog!) It would be so seriously awesome to win one of your lovely pieces.

Crissy said...

I am most passionate about animal advocacy, I started a student group at the university I attended called Advocates for Animal Welfare and have since then started another chapter for the community. I volunteer at local animal shelters on a regular basis with the organization and we also educate the community about various animal rights issues when ever possible. All of our work is done in a peaceful manner as we are trying to promote peace. I love your jewelry and have longed for so many pieces, I know one day when things are better (financially) I'll get to have some. I've often wondered though and I hope you don't mind me asking but I must, how is it that you come across the animal parts? Is this done humanely? Any answer would be greatly appreciated. If I win I'm going to either give the necklace to my fiancé or get him something else from your shop, I really want him in BloodMilk too!

RaLoup said...

I am passionate about reading and writing. I started keeping a journal when I was 8 and have kept it up for 13 years now; it's not necessarily always an account of the actualities of my daily life - more often than not it's musings and dreams. I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree in English literature (this semester, we're studying Gothic fiction, which I adore - anything which fuses the beautiful and the grotesque fascinates me). I am also very passionate about human rights, and am currently campaigning for the rights of those who are refused asylum and are in limbo.
Your jewelry is supremely beautiful, and your blog is great! Thank you XxX





Nicole said...

I'm passionate about my art & my incense. i work on both every day. I'm also a dabbler in a thousand other things. I can't seem to stop myself from collecting habits & hobbies.

Emma said...

I am passionate about wax anatomical models and printmaking.
The latter is the most important thing in my life, actually.

Devilin Church said...

I guess I'm passionate about a lot of things. Writing has always been my passion. I started writing when I was 9 because it was a way for me to escape and be whomever or whatever I wanted to be. I got to go places people could only dream of. Eventually that passion grow into dance, filmmaking then into photography and then into theater. Horror and science fiction being my two favorite genres. I love creating and expressing myself anyway I can. I would love to say my family is something I'm passionate about but they haven't been that good to me. Art is my life and it's the only reason why I am alive.

It's sad, because of huge setbacks and lack of support I gave up on my "passions" them to be honest. Being depressed for so long I kind of thought my passions weren't passionate about me. I forgot about my passions until I saw this post.....thanks for reminding me
: )

claudia, dearest said...

I'm passionate about harnessing the power and potential of technology to help humanity.


Maria said...

Hi there, greetings from Finland! Love your blog and jewellery sooo much!

I feel passionate about many things, like my photography, science and the universe, the mysteries of human psyche and about movies and video games that make a statement, tell us something important.

But at the moment I feel especially passionate about politics. Let me explain myself.

I value basic human rights and freedom above all, and I feel very, VERY strongly about them. I am again and again apalled how twisted the world can be, there is so much wrongness and corruption, not just in the developing countries, but at close too. Here we have people without homes, families struggling to get by, young people put to prison to waste their time because they have a wrong opinion about the armed forces, and big firms imposing and lobbying what's best for them in the expense of regular people. Laws that enable internet to be censored and our right to privacy being pushed to the ground. The rich get more rich and the poor get more poor. And what's worse, too many people don't even seem to care, because they don't realize how important all these things are in the end.

So what I'm passionate about is politics: I'm running for office in our parliament elections this Spring, and I and my young fellow campaigners try to voice our concerns, educate the people, raise votes and try to make people active. In these elections we have a couple of whole new political parties that are mostly run by young people, like people around their 20s and 30s, and that's big, since the political game is usually the game of middle aged men. Our generation is rising up, and that's inspiring to me. It gives me hope.

Flavia Flanders said...

I'm passionate about life in general. Recently with my neighbours we rescued a dog from the street, we named him Toby and he stays some days at my place and some days at their place. He is too cute so I'm totally passionate about embracing life and giving the chance to someone for a better living.
Have a great Vday!
p.s: visit Fringe Indie Magazine: you'll love it!

Cateaclysmic said...

Lately I've been passionate about healthy eating it's amazing how much better you feel and how your mood changes when you make a few healthier changes to your diet.

also very passionate about travelling and seeing the world and its many different cultures, there's nothing better in my eyes than traveling to a far off land and having new adventures xoxo

Tami Cohen said...

i read this on a blog that i can't recall right now, so forgive me for not providing a credit:

God wants me to thrift.

lately, i'm passionate about donating my good but no longer cherished items to Goodwill, and then finding exciting new treasures there to replace them with. it's recycling, it's exciting, it's affordable, it brings me such joy.

i would NEVER not treasure this awesome necklace! thanks for the opportunity

Anonymous said...

wow, that's very generous :)
and besides, the works are really amazing! we don't flatter for nothing ;)


Lady Epsilon said...

I've been following the Bloodmilk blog for a couple of years now - you always find just the right thing to make my eyes and my soul go "aaahh".
I'm passionate about stories and storytelling.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I'm passionate about family and friends. Without them, I'd be nothing.


Hello Darling, I have recently become rather interested in stereoscopic photography and making the viewing cards! X

Wishcandy said...

I'm absurdly passionate about painting and drawing. I'm inspired by fairytales, witches, cults, ridiculously colorful food, and fashion.

I also really love reading and writing short stories. The more poignant or bizarre the better. I've been captivated by surrealism in fiction as well as art. Just learned about magical realism as well.

Here is my art:

Anonymous said...

I'm passionate about life, love, the stories of people, god, the magic of the night sky. For my heart is an organ of fire and even though it has a thousand sorrows to bear, it still beats. Is there a greater thing then love?

Anonymous said...

I'm passionate about life, love, the stories of people, god, the magic of the night sky. For my heart is an organ of fire and even though it has a thousand sorrows to bear, it still beats. Is there a greater thing then love?

Loopy said...

Gosh! Right now my brain is literally exploding with all my obsessions... but 3 that are new are cooking tiny things (like sugar free ginger candies), running a 5k, and paper crafts (hello miniature art books!).

Mostly it's my aim to remain forever curious at life. ;)

bloodmilk. said...

i'm so thrilled with all your responses about your passions! thank you so much for sharing!!!

Sky said...

Im passionate about my library, without it, Id be empty. Id have no inspiration and nowhere to loose myself in.

RavenWolf said...

I'm really passionate about nature--being in it, learning about it, worshipping it!

"In the woods we return to reason and faith." R.W. Emerson

I've started learning about the medicine wheel recently--such a beautiful, complex and magical connection with nature and the spirit.

Anonymous said...

My greatest passion is expression, mainly in the form of singing. I sing in a metal band at the moment. When the band is not practicing I tend to get extremely depressed XD, the pouring out of my soul seems to be necessary for my sanity.

I have a great desire to pursue art in different forms, and I do graphic design, which is what I received my bachelor's degree in. I also love cooking, it is also an art form, and a way to express love to others.

Peacockhead said...

Lately I've been passionate about learning to sew, mostly for my own devices. When I was 20 I decided I wanted a vertically pleated pencil skirt and wanted a graphic floral fabric for it. I went into Liberty of London and boom-the fates gifted me with a beautiful silk covered in a blue roses print. 6 years later the fabric is still in my closet in a pile rather than on a hanger as a garment. No more. This is the year I get my sewing skills sharp enough to make my dream skirt a reality!

Unknown said...

I am passionate about living..uncovering..what's behind the scars of experience..finding out what makes someone dare to want more than they are told they can have...Risk....loving completely..the idea of surrendering to a passion greater than you. A force bigger than what you think you are. Wanting to be overcome.. to feel life rushing through your veins. The idea that what feeds you the most, can also destroy you if you're not careful. Straddling the line between Light & Shadow.. said...

Tattooed butchers, taxidermy and osteology ♥♥♥

megan said...

i'm passionate about having experiences. in general, consuming as much of life as i can--anything i haven't done, anywhere i haven't been, i want it. every country i haven't seen is on my list... every food i haven't eaten... just bought a groupon for skydiving....... etc etc.

megan said...

i'm passionate about having experiences. in general, consuming as much of life as i can--anything i haven't done, anywhere i haven't been, i want it. every country i haven't seen is on my list... every food i haven't eaten... just bought a groupon for skydiving....... etc etc.

Dianne said...

I seem to have fallen in love with the Mitford sisters. A friend sent me their biography to read a few months ago and I am astounded at the similarities between growing up an Aristocrats daughter in the early 1900s and growing up a farmers daughter in new zealand in the late 1900s. Bizarre.

ENZO. said...

Hi! A few things I've been passionate about the last few days is improving my painting-skills, finding a gallery to feature my work and Victorian mourning jewellery.

I really love your jewellery! It's very inspiring and makes me want to have a try at it as well!


My work:!/pages/Art-of-Orsino/173154232705781

I have two great paintings coming up so keep an eye on my facebook!

wool and misc said...

gorgeous necklace!

i'm passionate about self-improvement and letter writing.

c said...

I'm passionate about music (especially melancholy-but-lovely folk songs or ballads). I've also lately been really gung-ho about remembering and recording my dreams, in hopes of one day being able to dream lucidly.

Justin said...

I'm passionate about drawing. It's something that I've struggled to understand... it's like a drive in me, something I have always done and something I can't stop. I'm passionate about the world, about every day images. I take all these moments and replay them in my head. Drawing is my attempt to put them together and make sense of them.
and I guess more than anything I'm passionate about other artists. It's the people who inspire me, artists who's work I fall in love with, that refuels my own passion for doing my art.

Lame Laos said...


my passion is the human being, the sensitive, dark and deep sides of our humanity, what makes us monsters, the secret passions of our souls, sometimes is hard to watch this face to face and trying to translate into art, but is necesary to make beauty.

Kate said...

I'm passionate about Oscar Wilde, whose works changed my life and who is truly my hero... Not just because he was witty, erudite, brave, stylish, and talented, but because he was so good and so kind.

Really, his greatest sin and the thing that led to his downfall was that he loved some one too much. And if that's the worst thing you can say about a person, I think that's pretty fantastic.

His zeal for life, appreciation of beauty, and openness to love continues to be a great influence.

Cheyenne said...

My new passions lately have been learning about herbal medicines and learning belly dance. It's leading me to a healthier lifestyle, and meeting really amazing people.

Jolene Frances said...

I love your work. Thank you for doing this giveaway! ... As of late, my passion has been making collages <3

Anonymous said...

Im passionate about whats going on over in Egypt. Things I cannot control and lives I cannot live. Passionate about people coming together for a cause and standing up for what they believe in. Passionate about landscapes and places unvisited. Ideas are beautiful and a constant in my life Im a headcase with too much time just trying to get it on and live. Love your work BloodMilk!

Lullahby said...

Besides being passionate about lurking your blog on the daily (seriously).. I'm very passionate about collecting words and lately writing. I have a little journal I carry around with me to jot down words I hear in songs, find in poems and books, sometimes ones I've gone searching for. I like words that conjure wonderful images in my mind and/or feel fun to speak.

I've always been more of a traditional artist. A drawer/painter.. I tend to favor gouache and pencils. But I've also always had a bit of a story-teller locked up inside me and for the past month or so I've been working on a small story for The Fiction Project. Which will incoporate both my drawing and writing. The project in itself is a little daunting for me, this will be the first time I've ever really put any writing out there for others to see. I'm both excited and nervous about how it will be received.

Other than creative outlets, I'm also passionate about owls, magical entities, abandonded structures and the life and mind of Nikola Tesla.

Happy Valentine's Day JL! Your collection of images and musing on this blog are little inspirations for me and your jewelry is simply amazing.

Anthony said...

i am passionate about discovery and growth. i am stimulated by art, creativity and the never ending search to make sense of the world around me. typically this involves digging through the past... other peoples forgotten dreams and lives and curiosities they have left behind. an antique photograph. a lock of hair. a flower pressed between a musty book. the smell of old paper. the forgotten suitcase full of secrets. they whisper clues through time. peeled paint. water stains. decay. i am passionate about the artists who explore and express these things. knowing there are kindred spirits out there connecting in similar means. i am passionate about my quiet journey listening, feeling and looking at the signs and symbols that are given to navigate my way. the bird on the branch. the needle on the record. the word on the page. the box hidden under the bed. i find inspiration all around me....hints to who i am, and what i want to become. i am passionate about being me and sharing that with those who understand and enlightening those that dont.
anthony jacobus

Jessye said...

I am irrevocably passionate about horses. My heart and soul is intertwined with theirs, and always will be. I have dedicated this life to protecting and healing them, as well as learning unending amounts from them myself. They are astounding! <33

Mara Fitch said...

Thanks for doing this contest and blog post!
I'm passionate about jewelry and photography, but lately the jewelry has come to the forefront.
It's funny you mention wax carving, last night I got my first introduction to lost wax casting and I am soooo curious and inspired now.

Anonymous said...

passion is everything.
it's a life fully lived.

year before last in october at long beach i lead a Zombies VS The Human Coalition campaign through the city college that was funded through the community outreach and student recruitment program.
instead of giving students in high schools and middle schools the bland pitch to go to college, we presented skits in their classrooms with members from each side of the zombies and coalition members why they should join them.
but without telling them they should go to a specific school or career the only point we were getting across was to find your passion.
we had design team that created websites, large posters, flyers, manifesto pamphlets and zombie checklist.
we also had at nutrition break a zombie outbreak where zombies wandered about outside handing their flyers and checklists while a zombie pounded on drums with a giant stage backdrop with the words 'Consume Conform & Obey painted in bold.
at lunch time the human coalition would be out handing their manifestos, patches(orange handprints) and flyers while two team leaders spoke through megaphones calling arms to the students to rise above the zombies. to find a passion to live. they also would spraypaint over the zombies banners with live, survive, defy and their posters.

on halloween we had a huge poetry reading with bands and a huge haunted house maze i was completely in charge of doing with an empty old library since they built a new one. on of my accomplishments i can look back proud at what i could pull of was that haunted maze. nothing drives my passion more crazy than halloween. NOTHING. and it was the greatest fright night i could conjure with hundreds in attendance, also bringing the youth into the college campuses and becoming involved.
the Human Coalition club became a core of their involvement since they created a film project by the end of the semester of them interviewing one another about what they think passion is and what they're true passion is and helping them find out how to make it their life and survive, finding a career or future plan.
also with a zombie school attack scene I directed in the classroom.
& on the coalition website are some cheesy commercials the design team created.

Anonymous said...

ontop of this human coalition program, i've taken on my own time to manage my own publishing company; CHAOS Publishments. in high school i was lead editor for the literary arts magazine for three years and by the end of my stay it blew up from nothing known to being renowned by all high school students holding monthly open mics first at local coffeeshops and venues until it grew too big, holding hundreds of students now at the blackbox theatre and still continuing to today. also i started the Visons Night art fests for the magazine release holding plenty of local bands, readers, graffiti walls, projected artwork and special booths like a carnival now. through that time i dedicated all my time to it being the only one with the teacher in charge to bring it up into something.
now i put that energy and passion into CHAOS Publishments with 3 issues of Culture Vomit. a collection of friends and local artists and writers. & then 3 issues of my Raging Comix. which are mainly my drawings. i've already soldout dozens of my copies at Fingerprints records and Open bookstore in LB. now im selling them up in oakland at book and comic stores where i just moved to on jan. 1st.
this is where my main works of passion have been brought out in for me. always through my printed zines. film and photography have always been in hand as well with the literature and artwork.
on my blog are some cover previews and in the myspace blog are page samples & flyers i've done. (

& always in my core will be my music.

Dream Weapon

Glitter Ramon & The Dairy Queens

sorry for such a long list. when passion comes into the topic of concern, i get quite passionate about it. and really in the end i only want to give the necklace to the new love in my life that i'll only be able to see on valentines day until spring break since i moved here and she lives back in long beach. so i wanted to make it really special with this and a song i wrote for her on a cassette tape.

oh and two places along with the wonderfully exquisite work you create that drive me with full force in my passion for life and beauty are The Museum of Death & Loved To Death.

kristin said...

i am passionate about re-finding my mind, my identity, myself. for the last 3 years i've (lovingly and selflessly) played the role of full-time mother, wife and worker. i am still all of these things, but i am currently integrating re-finding myself into my daily routines. re-finding what makes "myself, strange and unusual." it's making me love my life so much more to be able to regain my identity i left behind some years ago.

to be able to fall in love all over again with kitsch, abstract and dark poetry, confusing aesthetics, creating eccentric outfits, music i used to dance to freely... i'm also learning new things about myself that i never thought possible. this synergy that my old self and newer lifestyle are creating is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I tend to be passionate about most things that I take a liking to...I think it's just my nature, but to be more specific...

I am passionate about writing and the written word, for me it's a way to express the stories in my mind...and often text will just grab me by surprise with it's beauty or honesty... well as art in general, it's something that will always make sense to me...

...and music, I love music, you know how some people say that food and air isn’t the only thing that can sustain a person, but that some things in life can really feed someone. Music is one of those things for me…it feeds me, fills in the gaps…

...and lately I'm very passionate about local food and farms, gathering my own spring water, finding out about food, learning how to ferment...

phew, quite a list and that's still a summary...however it was nice to sum it all up

Love, Jules

The Clearing said...

Passion for language also. Concrete and authentic. Books are my special passion though. Old bindings, print, smell, listening to the shuffle of pages, passing from one to another. Special archives of bibliophiles. Secrets beyond the words, in the pages themselves. Thank goodness I'm a bookseller (in Philly!), easy to collect and surround myself with gems.

Elena es una lovecat said...

I'm passionate about any kind of expression, but above all, about acting. It is the thing that scares me the most and that I love the most. Lately, I've been also passionate about creating a new reality through art. I dislike this world too much not to try to escape to a new one!

Lornography said...

What a wonderful contest!

I am extremely passionate about photography with an interest in alternative and historical processes!

Feel free to check me out here:

Your jewelry is exquisite and I would love to win this contest but also would love to feature your jewelry in a shoot sometime!


Anonymous said...

poets who go early to their grave, ghost boyfriends, braille, accidental double exposures, forget me nots and poppies

Anonymous said...

Lately, I am passionate about fashion. I've always had an affinity for vintage clothing, and now I find joy in remixing outfits and accessories from thrift and retail stores. Some of my idols include Dita Von Teese, Winona Ryder and Helena Bonham Carter. I aspire to have their grace while embracing my own individuality on a daily basis.

viaver said...

i love anything ornithological, and in particular i've recently become a passionate pidgeon aficionado. they have such a complex history intertwined with the history of humanity - it's fascinating! (please take a peek at my site to see my most recent pidgeon inspired project)

Tricia said...

I am passionate about art, writing and books. Anything and everything to do with books. I'm a book designer and I just love playing with type and creating beautiful things. I love looking at other people's beautiful books and being inspired by them.

Unknown said...

i find myself stretched to every conceivable direction with room to move and yet i have gone nowhere. i find my hands as present and absent in my destruction and creation.

the undoing; the profound death and ripping rebirth that i personify in my music and in my paintings.

my voice, my instruments, my poetry, my images and my writing circumvent into a thing that lives and dies at once. it dies through me as i live through it.

this is my passion, the definition of a passion as a bloodletting death for a purpose beyond ones self and an outburst of purpose to destroy and create with only yourself.