Saturday, March 26, 2011

shape shifting.


one of my true loves is colored pencils & i've been long enamored by fumi mini nakamura's elaborate works in the medium. take a peek at the mini review i wrote about her drawings over at hi-fructose.



Anonymous said...

I love her work! So evocative and surreal. The connection between humans and wild life, plus all the quirky details make for some killer art. And I agree, the coloured pencils bring a softness, a muted blend of colour to each piece. She had a show recently and it was hard to only pick three pieces.
I hadn't seen the Horse and watery mane piece before. Is it a new series?

adireg said...

i like this picture very much

Anonymous said...

The level of detail in her work is incredible. She makes color pencil look like watercolor.