Saturday, March 19, 2011

sweetest tongue hath sharpest tooth.


i know i've recently posted this image from 'the company of wolves' based on an angela carter tale, but the movie is one of my favorites from childhood; it scared the hell out of me in a residual everlasting kind of way. it was also a film my late father had shown me when i was perhaps too young to see it, which was always his way, and which surely shaped my imagination. it seemed the best image to accompany the reason for this post; fever ray has a new single out, The Wolf, as part of a soundtrack for a new rendition of red riding hood. i've been listening to it on repeat and i think some of you may like it too. 

p.s. after taking a bit of an internet hiatus/vacation, i've been busy photographing the rest of my new jewels and should have them loaded onto etsy over the week. 


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