Tuesday, March 1, 2011

things fall apart.


how many worlds can we live in at once? how many times can we separate ourselves before there is nothing left? sometimes i feel so tangled up in my writing/ reading world or in my internet world or my bloodmilk world that i forget what my real world is all about. winter makes me want to never leave the house and when you work from home, things can get a bit slippery. anyway, i've been really into these glacier paintings by fellow etsy seller jeremy miranda. i've had a weird affinity for glaciers since my parents came home from alaska after a trip one year. my mom took over 1,000 photos of glaciers falling apart and the image of her doing this in such a cold place with her trained eye has stuck with me these past few years and has given me a sort of personal attachment to them. i once even wrote a 300 word autobiography about glaciers on a whim under the influence of spirits for a contest. i was one of a handful of people to win. the prize was having my face enormous and my words tiny on a bus shelter poster for the entire summer, which was also the summer i met my love. something about glaciers, falling apart. a strange world.



cloudgathererholdmedown said...

"..i want to do all these things because i think one day i could.."

all of it. beautiful.

the symbolism of icebergs. very apt for me at the moment.

Flora Amalie said...

Love those paintings, loved this post.

VilladsClaes said...

If the post above is a kind of question, i think it is only possible to live in one world at a time. But if the word "world" covers a wide range of different meanings of course, then it is another case.