Thursday, April 14, 2011

psyche in flux.


lately i've been reading 'alchemy' by marie-louise von franz (by suggestion of lovely parisa) which outlines jungian approaches to the symbols and psychology of inner alchemy. this has been in lieu of the painting i'm working on for 'alchemically yours' which opens at the observatory in brooklyn on may 7th. i feel as if i'd be instinctually working towards this center with my last body of paintings and with my new jewels ( & jewels in progress!), which subtly feature alchemical symbols. 

the root of all of this is the desire for my psyche to be whole. i dream of veiny mushroom heads and a house near the sea, of olde friends sharing a dinner table. of running in the snow and running near the sea, always away from someone and always with one of these olde friends. somehow i feel these digital works by catrin arno symbolize that feeling of unrest and the transitory realm i find myself in these days. 

tomorrow i'll have some official news on part one of my bi-annual bloodmilk sale, in honor of death & taxes . . . .! 



Anonymous said...

Looks like a very interesting book, I'll have to check it out! Many blessings to you on your journey into dreams and their fulfillment!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god - you found out the artist of the birdcage woman! I have been working on that for a matter of fact, you had posted it on tumblr and I traced it all the way back to the Portuguese (?) girl who was using it as a facebook avatar, who told me it was Mia Mäkilä. I didn't really think so, it seemed a totally different aestetic, so I wrote to Mia and asked. And of course the answer was no.

Long story short - you found it! How did you find it?

Brown Sarah said...

love these paintings

Parisa said...

oh how wonderful - i'm glad you're enjoying that!
xo p