Monday, May 30, 2011

ashes to ashes.


i've always been attracted to the unsettling / abandoned/ nighttime landscapes, something about them feels both lonely & comforting. since leaving my little town near the sea in new york and moving to philly 12 years ago, it's nearly impossible to see the stars at night, obscured by the glow and chaos of the city. i miss the smell of salt water and laying in grass lawns, deciphering constellations at night. there is something about city life that loses the magic of being connected to the potency of nature. . . yet i live & sleep and assemble jewels just 5 blocks down the street from the philadelphia art museum that houses an incredible collection of art. living near all these works feels a small trade for living under the stars . . . but here i am, for now.

jeremy dyer  is an incredible photographer living in a city too, and yet captures the wonder of lonesome landscapes in his new show, ashes, opening at the occulter in nyc next week on june 2. if you live there, or near there, go. i promise you'll be transfixed.


danielle v. said...

these are so gorgeous... missing my little town, too.. so so much... (and you!) xx

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, this blog and your jewelery are a treasure chest of all things beautiful. Thank you for sharing your vision!

Rachel Louisa. said...

While I generally love all the art you expose your readers to, I must say that these, and Marco Mazzoni's work, are particularly mesmerising. Wish I could hop over to America and appreciate them properly. xo

Unknown said...

Wow simply awesome photos! I just love the one with the sea!

Lauren said...

This post is so beautiful.
I love/hate living in the city. For the same reasons you said. I miss going outside at night and seeing ALL the stars in the sky rather than 10. I love the sound of the tide outside, especially when it's bad weather and it's crashing down on the beach.

Dianne said...

I feel the same. Where I grew up in New Zealand I would go to sleep under a wide arch of the milky way, with my windows and curtains open in the summer to take them all in. I miss that more than anything else. x