Thursday, May 5, 2011

dream catching.


lately tangled:

reading 'the witch must die' the hidden meaning of fairy tales by sheldon cashdan for research...

catching up on orders.... i promise i'm working long hours to make up for my time off as well as photographing the new pieces i've been working on for  months now....

working on a special engagement ring for a lucky lady overseas, my first time setting black diamonds !!! excited to share that here soon . . .

waiting for spring weather to actually arrive here in philly.

& dreaming 'epic' dreams.

i recently stumbled across these woven catchers by crystal gregory betwixt razor wire loops. 
snares & stitches . . .urban dreamcatchers (?)

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Anonymous said...

From Beasts to Blondes by Marina Warner is a fascinating look into fairy tales as well. And I am sure you would know the work of Angela Carter...;)

Looking forward to seeing the new pieces!