Saturday, June 18, 2011

fare thee well


i'm going on a little sabbatical, to breathe salt air, sketch new ideas, give my wrist bones a much needed break, and above all, to witness my brother in law marry his true love near the sea with. when i return, there will be a bit of a blood flood, the promised posts of my favorite novels and non fiction tomes, & a give-a-way, as bloodmilk turns three. . .. .

in the meantime:
i'll be posting in absentia on hi-fructose
visit my tumblr archives to see the mood boards i've been creating for my new pieces.
or, visit the lovely blogs in my link list. >

see you soon.

ps. for those of you waiting on a jewel or two, don't fear, i've been working hard to start things & will work twice as hard to finish things when i return so nothing will be late. . . .


A.Mictlan said...

I'm jelly

TT said...



RavenWolf said...

I'm so happy to hear you're going to breathe some salt air--I remember reading how you miss that. I understand longing for those special connections between nature and the soul. Nothing is more restorative.
Hope the time away is even better than you imagined it would be!