Wednesday, June 15, 2011

seeing all.


queen elizabeth i would wear gowns emblazoned with disembodied eyes and ears, suggesting to her court / relam that she had the mystical power to "see & hear everything." while it was a sort of subtle politically terrorism, i always found it to be strange, not the sort of gown you'd expect a royal queen to be wearing, but rather shrouding a high priestess. . . . this tradition contiunes on in clothing designer duo teamo, who created the intriguing above pieces. hailing from mexico city, their intent may also have been derivative of mexican milagros, charms featuring abstracted body parts that were imbued with a kind of sympathetic, healing magic....

i've always been attracted to this idea, of abstracted eyes as an adornment, i have 9 tattooed on me for protection & luck & have started incorporating them into new bloodmilk. i've been filling my sketchbook with scratchy drawings & finding amazing antiques to collage into these ideas. there will even be a small line of handpainted eyes set behind glass . . .


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Leila Marvel said...

Your ideas sound wondrous, I look forward to your new pieces.