Wednesday, August 17, 2011

lily dale forever.




today and the next few days marks a year since i pilgrimaged to lily dale to seek the guidance of a medium, heavy with the hope for a message from the other side and curious to see what a true victorian spiritualist community consisted of. though i can't exactly say why or how, the trip changed me. these two pieces illustrate my interest in both supernatural occurrences as well as my interest in being able to communicate with the unconsious. both realms are uncharted, fascinating and hard to reach. i've been holding onto these lovely pieces for a while now, and am happy to release them now, during a time that's been so poignant for me. a ring is forthcoming, stay tuned.



Lauren said...

Both these pieces are really nice.
I can't wait to see the ring too.

Nice choice of images to go with them too - the top photograph is really eerie!

Parisa said...

oh how wonderful! you have really inspired me to go to lily dale one day jess...
xo p

Gina said...


Leila Marvel said...

I am reading this book called Spirit Communication: the Soul's Path bu Kevin Ryerson who is a medium himself. Have you ever this? It is all about the conscious, sub conscious and super conscious, and he talks about mediumship and the theory of mind.

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