Wednesday, September 7, 2011

feeling gloomy.


it's not often i post cartoons up here, but 'spirited away' has become for me, one of those things i do when trying to trick myself out of feeling blue. if you haven't seen it, it's incredibly well made, both in its written bits and its production. i find that the cusp of childhood//adulthood is a space i like to go when looking to escape from the ailments of real life, and this movie does a fine job pluming the emotional depths of this kind of transitory, liminal space. its also got a terrific supernatural element and strange, quirky characters that i like best.

watching this movie tonight made me think of what i would want as a wish ( thought this line of thought isn't necessarily derived from the plot of the movie) and if i were granted one, it would be to abjure complicated, negative, guilty, destructive feelings. i wouldn’t be rash about this, i would give these dark feelings a fair go before abjuring them, but i genuinely believed that if i had this power, i would be a better person. now, if only there were fairy godmothers or no faces handing out wishes like fruit from a tree or bath tokens.



Amber Dennett said...

I love the studio ghibli films, I often watch them when I feel down too. They are so far removed from real life, everything seems possible in those films. <3

RavenWolf said...

I can relate to your desire to be rid of these feelings. I think a lot of us who are sensitive beings struggle with this. I recently recognized the negative thoughts and feelings I have as bullying. I hate bullying of all kinds--and I do not want to bully my own spirit. It helps sometimes....
I hope you feel better soon!